Dan Aykroyd Movies-wife-children-Tvshows-net worth-biography

Dan Aykroyd
Dan Aykroyd

Quick Biography Dan Aykroyd:

Rare Name:Dan Aykroyd.
Wife:Donna Dixon.
Dan Aykrod Brother:Peter Aykroyd
Height1.85 m tall
Marriage Anniversary:1971.
Parents:Lorraine Aykroyd Peter Aykroyd.
Date of Birth:July 1, 1952.
Age:67 years 10 months 1 days.
Children:Danielle Aykroyd, Vera Sola, Belle Kingston Aykroyd, Stella Irene August Aykroyd.
Upcoming Movie:Ghostbusters (Afterlife)
Famous For:Comedian and Screenwriter
Famous Ability:Left Handed
Sibilings:Peter Aykroyd
Founder:Patron Tequila
Net Worth:$180 Million (2020)

Dan Aykroyd is a famous comedian, filmmaker, and also a great actor. Here we share full information about Dan Aykroyd’s wife, Movies, Tv shows, Siblings, Upcoming movies, Parents, children, Date of Birth, Net Worth, and his life career. now Dan Aykroyd Age: 67 Years old.

Dan Aykroyd
Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd Personal Info :

He is a famous Canadian comedian, producer, filmmaker, and actor. He was famous for comedy shows (Saturday Night Live). This show stands onscreen from 1975 to 1979. Due to dan performance in the show make him popular.

After this show Dan Aykroyd makes his first film (The Blues Brothers) in 1980. After this movie gradually he works in Ghostbuster and sequel.

Early Life:

Dan born on July 1, 1952. His father Samuel Peter Hugh Aykroyd work as an engineer and policymaker for (Canadian) Prime Minister. His mother Lorraine Helene works as a secretary.

He like music form his childhood. He make his first disco club (Le Hibou) in french.

Personal Life:

First Love:Carrie Fisher
Girl Friend:John Belushi
Wife:Donna Dixon

First time Dan Aykroyd do angagment with actress Carrie Fisher.

She proposed to him on the set of The Blues Brothers (1980), in which she appeared as the deviant girlfriend of John Belushi’s Jack Blues.

The engagement ended when she reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, musician Paul Simon.

In 1983, he married actress Donna Dixon, the same year they met on a film set released by Dr. Detroit.

Dan aykroyd Movies and Tv shows:

Movies List:

  1. Love at first sight movie
  2. Mr. Mike’s movie (1979)
  3. The Blues Brothers movie Neighbors Movie
  4. It came from a Hollywood movie
  5. Doctor Detroit Movie
  6. Trading Places Movie
  7. Twillight Zone Movie
  8. Ghostbusters movie
  9. Indiana Jones and temple of doom.
  10. In to the night movie
  11. Dragnet.
  12. The Couch Trip Movie.
  13. The Couch Trip Movie
  14. The Great Outdoors movie.
  15. My Girl movie
  16. Nothing but Trouble movie.
  17. My girl 2 movie
  18. North movie
  19. The Random factor movie
  20. Tommy Boy movie
  21. Feeling Minnesota movie
  22. my fellow Americans movie
  23. my fellow American movie
  24. Getting away
  25. Grosse pointe blank movie
  26. Blues Brother movie.
  27. Susan;sPlan movie
  28. Diamonds movie
  29. The house of mirth
  30. loser movie
  31. evolution movie
  32. The frank Truth movie
  33. on the nose movie
  34. bright young movie
  35. bright young things movie
  36. shortcut to happiness movie
  37. 50 first dates movie
  38. interns academy movie
  39. Behind the candelabra movie
  40. Legends of QZ movie
  41. pixels movie
  42. ghostbuster movie
  43. cleaning town movie
  44. Ghostbuster afterlife movie
  45. For movies, list Click here.

Tv shows List:

  1. The gift of winter show
  2. coming up rosie show
  3. saturday night show
  4. the beach boys show
  5. All you need show
  6. the real ghostbusters show
  7. The dave thomas show
  8. Its gary shandlings show
  9. tales from the crypt show
  10. The nany show
  11. psi facotor show.
  12. soul man show.
  13. normal show
  14. history show
  15. according to jim show
  16. living with fran show
  17. saturday night live show
  18. the corners show.

Awards List:

Due to great work and performance, dan aykroyd got different awards. And become successful people.

  • Primetime Emmy Award (1977,1978,1979.1978)
  • Academy Award (1989)

Net Worth: $180 million

he worked in 70 movies during his career till 2021. and more than 15 tv shows and unlimited onscreen TV shows performed. now dan ayroyd net worth more than $180 million.

Dan Aykroyd Movies-wife-children-Tvshows-net worth-biography



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