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Zong Calls free, Net free, zong to other network calls free why. The Zong Company is currently in deep trouble in Pakistan. Due to which Zong’s network is working completely free of cost. This was discovered when the news came from Zong that Zong’s network was not working properly.

As soon as people found out about this news, the number of Zong users has increased significantly. As a result, Zong’s net slowdown has now begun in various major cities.

According to a report, Zong Company is busy resolving this issue but so far there has been no improvement.And Zong’s network is still completely free.

Why Zong Net Work working free today

Zong Network has stopped working due to a technical glitch in the Zong Network’s main server.

That’s why Zong’s services are working fine, but completely free.

This means that Kzong Company is not able to fully communicate with customers.

And efforts are being made to correct the bug, which will be fixed soon.

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